Samples of chatbots for business use:
Automatically nurture & qualify leads + convert & engage customers

With Facebook Messenger marketing (chatbots) and website bots you can get the best results in lead generation, client acquisition.
Here I collected samples that you can check and apply for your free demo.

I can build your chatbot, create your Messenger Ad campaign and manage your lead generation.
My other services are: building your automated sales funnel, webinar, membership site, lead capture website, opt-in page, newsletter sequence and online course.

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Without coding

It is mobile friendly. Send Facebook Messenger messages to thousands of users, turn website traffic into contact list leads, transform Facebook comments into subscribers.

FREE to start. You can upgrade any time if you want.
- provide instant customer support
- handle FAQ (Q&A)

- calendar booking in Messenger

60-90% open rate

10-30% click-through rate
Integrate text, video, image, .gif, .pdf, downloads, your logo, website, survey, forms to your messages.

- hot lead alert (jump to a real person)
- Facebook post auto-responder (sends automated messages to comments)
- add it to your website (WP plugin)
- drip campaigns
- Multi-Lingual Support

Messenger FB Ads

The most effective and cheapest way of lead generation. Direct your traffic to messenger. Instant lead capture: you automatically receive name, location, language, and gender.

- Follow up messaging;
- Email updates (blog feed or newsletter)
- Zapier integration
- your bot is teachable (use AI)

- live chat on your website -bot takeover

Website demos

Website chatbots run on your website.

  • Hotel demo

    This is a hotel demo website chetbot. Amazon's Alexa voice recognition device can be used as a concierge assistant.
    <-- Click on the little image to check this demo.

  • Your demo (real estate)

    If you have a real estate business, a hotel or an RBNB flat or house you can use chatbots to serve your guests.
    <-- This is my real estate website. Click on the image.

  • Your demo (coach, consultant)

    I've created a FREE Coaching Tool Kit to start and improve your business. It is a membership site, you can join free.

    <-- Click on the image to download your Coaching Tool Kit

  • Holiday demo

    You can find this little hotel in Maldives. The Inn is in a small street near the sea.

    <-- Click on the little image to check this demo.

  • Your demo (Influencer)

    If you are an influencer, you need chatbots. You can communicate with your followers automated.

    <-- This is my influencer website. Click on the image.

  • What is your business?

    We create your FREE demo personalized and tailor made to your needs. We analyze your website and marketing.

    <-- Apply for your FREE website audit! Click on the image.

What does a chatbot do?

- Your chatbot can chat with unlimited number of people at the same time.   - Your chatbot can send regular messages to your leads or clients automated.
- It can collect name and email addresses. - Your chatbot is your virtual assistant.
- It can build a database. - Your leads or clients can book an appointment with your chatbot.
- It can segment (tag) your leads and send personalized messages to them. - You can send coupons, sale offer, other offers via your chatbot.
- You can send broadcast messages, drip campaign. - You can teach your chatbot new sentences, new words, new reactions.
- You can start your chatbot by sharing a QR code even in printed media, or in your Facebook cover page, in a post. - Your chatbot can use videos, images, .gif, downloadable .pdf, website URLs, text.
- You can use your chatbot in Paid Messenger Ad campaigns. - Your chatbot speaks 30 languages.
- Your chatbot can give information about your location, contact data, opening hours, services, etc. - Your chatbot works 24/7 nonstop in every time zone.


How much does it cost?

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About The Creator and Owner, CEO

Terez Szalontai, Hungary - Europe

Terez Szalontai is an online ESL teacher, strategy coach online entrepreneur and marketer. She has 10+ years full time online experience. She works from home as her own boss in her Online Education Ltd. company. She lives in Hungary, Europe.

Her students and clients are ambitious leaders, entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, stay at home moms, coaches, online and offline service providers, university students, agents, consultants. If you want to create your online course, membership site, automated sales funnel, webinar and chatbot, coaching packages, you are at the right place.

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