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Hi, My name is Terez Szalontai. I am from Hungary, Europe. I am an online marketer. I've created this website to show all my FREE offers.

Terez Szalontai

You can use all my FREE offers or
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I am happy to serve you with my FREE offers. Your satisfaction is my top priority.

  • FREE Membership site Coaching Starter Tool Kit

    - 250 assessment questions
    - templates and scripts (for your business plan, membership site, webinar, sales funnel, sales call/ strategy call, contract)
    - step by step plan for creating and selling your first course, program
    - social media for getting clients free
    - how to get new clients instantly
    - tips and tricks

    You can find everything here:

  • FREE Chatbot demo

    I create your FREE personalized chatbot demo. There are two types of chatbots: One that runs on your website and one that runs on your Facebook Messenger. I create these demos and of course real chatbots for any industries. A chatbot is a chatting robot. 


    Click here to see my demos and apply for your FREE Chatbot demo: Click here

  • FREE Website audit

    Your FREE website audit means a personalized analytics of your website in the aspect of online marketing. First I check all mistakes on your website (broken links, missing elements, errors, etc.)


    Then I make suggestions to improve it for better lead generation, optimization, client acquisition and automatization.


    This is a 30 min. free conversation on skype or Zoom.

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  • FREE Digital Business Card

    I can create your FREE digital business card. You can see my demo card here: Click here


    Apply to your virtual business card: Click here

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