Here you can see some of our projects and portfolios. We have 184 luxury villas and apartments from different countries. If you want to become our business partner apply here:


Join our Brand Ambassadors!

Start earning passive income with investment!

Investment is the best source of passive income. We welcome investors, advisors, coaches, real estate companies, CEOs, business owners, work from home Moms and entrepreneurs to join our network.

This is one of our  luxury properties (villa #184) from our database.

Why is it worth to join and what do you get?

  • You can learn a lot about investment (online and offline)

    We show you and teach the best online marketing tools that you can use to build your business or get passive income.

  • We provide you a network of professionals to help you

    We give you the best opportunity to learn, grow and develop using our system and strategy, connections and network.


We are looking for Luxury Brand Ambassadors from all over the world who want to work online from home and represent high value investments. (properties, real estate, jewellery, online services, high ticket items, fashion, etc.)

For Luxury Brand Online Ambassadors:

You get:
- your own Ambassador profile page with your 3-5 photos, bio and details (age, location, job, hobby, category)
- your own digital business card (can be printed)
- your VIP access to our online weekly Mastermind (with 4-6 members/ session)
- you are entitled to represent all Luxury Brand items (real estate, jewellery, cars, etc.) for commission or fix rate
- you are entitled to contact investors, realtors, business owners in the name of our brand and offer them our services.
   (send them our offer)

  • We teach you everything from the basics (done for you or done with you- you choose)

    - your own online automated sales funnel (opt -in page, email
    sequences, follow up, helpdesk, Calendar booking, questionnaire)
    - webinar (short intro video+ long video)
    - membership site for your own business (courses for your own clients)
    - you are entitled to promote your own business too (if you have)
    - we help you to create your own company's logo and design

  • With our step by step process you can learn and do everything fast and easy

    - we create your business plan for your business strategy
    - we give you your certificate of being our Brand Ambassador
    - we teach you how to turn your passion to profit and create
    your high ticket program
    - we teach and give you your best strategy about how to sell your program
    online to your ideal clients+ how to find them (generate leads)

  • Join our International Brand Ambassador Network and start your online career and business

    Join me and an exclusive group of purpose driven coaches, business owners, entrepreneurs ready to own their gift and create their high end program. Stop wasting your time (your life) and start living your purpose! There is really no way around it. Here is your chance now. Apply here: Click here

Build connections, build your business!

This offer is for investors, business owners, CEOs, stay at home Moms, coaches, consultants, real estate companies. With our independent advisors we support your business with the latest online technology, softwares and strategy.

Investors from gas and oil industry in UAE, Dubai

Our investors are from Arabic countries in oil and gas, transportation and logistic area. They are hotel, restaurant and supermarket owners, bankers, business moguls and tycoons.

Real estate, properties, 2020 Dubai Expo

Our partners are also from the real estate business (realtors, agents, company owners, investors) We focus on the 2020 Dubai World Expo. (building, constructing projects and cooperation, partnership.

Coaches, consultants, high ticket services

The 3rd main area of our work is to help coaches, consultants, digital agencies to create their high ticket program, launch it. Generate leads and turn them to clients. It includes mentoring and teaching.

Here is What You'll Get

To help you start your work and online career to launch your business as our Brand Ambassador Member, we've created a step by step 6 week online program course to teach you everything you need. We'll have personal face-to- face one on one weekly calls with every individual via Zoom or skype to support you personally.

Week 1

We teach you the basics of investment strategy, your business concept and the overview of the 6 week program.

Week 2

This week is about starting your business, creating your business plan, niche, brand, logo, concept, ideas.

Week 3

On week 3 we teach you all the necessary online tools you need and start implementing your plan to reality. 

Week 4

We build your automated online sales funnel, webinar and your own membership site for your clients. We plan your strategy.

Week 5

We teach you and practice the strategy call (discovery call) and how to build connections online with social media.

Week 6

This week we launch your high ticket program, your own business, webinar and website. We help you in promotion.


We have a lot of satisfied clients and customers,and also happy Brand Ambassadors. They are all very satisfied with our cooperation and services. It is a win-win situation. You can be part of it now.

This course provided me what I really want: clarity, starting my own business with my coach who helped me with every step personally. We used skype for our sessions. I can recommend this course to business owners, like me.

Peter Handhall

Banker, Dubai

For me being a Brand Ambassador is a privilege. I am very proud to represent high value properties and estates. I have no limit with my income and I can work from home with flexible schedule.

Victoria Laveretti

Designer, Mom of 2 England

Working with a team who support me is really easy and fum. Terez's team is fantastic, knowledgable and very helpful. I never feel alone any more in my business. I get all support I need in my business.

Amanda Break

CEO, Business developer Norway

This possibility for me is unique. I can represent luxury real estate, contact investors and other high value leaders. I can build my connections and promote my own business. All doing from home.

John Paternor

Head of Development, Chicago USA

I never thought that working on the internet full time is possible. Unlimited income is a real thing. When I saw this website I had no doubt that I give it a try. It was the best decision of my life. Now I thrive in my business thank to Terez and her team.

Paulo Silvettore

Director, London, England (hotel sector)

For me representing a brand is exclusive. I can do it online, I don't have to travel. Terez taught me everything and with her team I could implement all I learnt. I never get such a great support to my business.

Henrik Brindley

Programmer South Africa

Get Instant Access to Our Membership site

On our Membership site for Brand Ambassadors you will find all materials, curriculum for the 6 weeks. Beside this password protected membership we provide you one on one live personal weekly support with our highly trained coaches via Zoom or Skype. (you can choose) It is a tailor made private personal help just for you during the 6 weeks to help you with every step tailor made to your business. 



This opportunity is once in a lifetime. You'll probably never meet this or similar on the internet. We not only launch your career, support you with a well-established, built up brand with Arabic business tycoons and investors in our background but we also provide you a network of high achiever professionals, investors, CEOs, business owners from all over the world. We represent the highest standard in online business, personal contact and network.

Terez Szalontai

CEO Hungary, Europe

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we collected the most frequently asked questions about our program, how can you join and other details. You can also contact customer support and live helpdesk. (bottom right corner)

When can I start this program and become a Brand Ambassador?

How much can I earn as a Brand Ambassador?

I don't have online experience. Can I learn it?

How can I apply to become an independent online Brand Ambassador? 

You can apply by clicking the Sign up button on the top menu (right side). It is free. After you apply we review your application and invite you to a live call when we talk about your goals and motivation.

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