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3D humanoid avatar  robots have arrived to save humanity. We speak instead of you, we are always perfect and work 24/7 for you. You can place us in Messenger, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, chatbot on your website, etc. We create all these.

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one time fee

  • One robot video
    60-90 second

  • Robot models or you

  • Become our affiliate

  • Facebook group publish

  • Free webinar attendance



one time fee

  • One robot video 
    60-120 second

  • 1 Robot in a chatbot

  • Mobile-Optimized

  • Model that you choose

  • Email Customer Support



one time fee

  • 2 robot videos

  • 2 robots in a chatbot

  • One page website

  • Mobile-Optimized

  • Personal Client Support
    in skype or Zoom



one time fee

  • 6 week online course

  • one on one coaching

  • create your course

  • Create your sales funnel

  • Become a JV Partner and recruit your affiliates

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As a starter you can join our FREE Facebook group and see all the videos we have already created. In the group you will see the video owners tagged.



For the basic package you get one 60-120 second robot video. You have 3 days to refund if you don't like what we've created for you. We make all necessary changes that you need. You can be the robot or you can choose a robot. The voice can be your own voice, somebody else's voice or a robot voice. For more info join our Facebook group and ask.

We create it in 2-3 hours. You can become our affiliate for 10% commission.We provide you full training on how to generate leads organic with your robot.


This is the real deal! My robot speaks and works instead of me, brings my leads consistently 24/7. My clients like my robot because they've never seen anything like this. It worth much more than this price. I earned my investment back with my first order.
Nick Oilton- Texas, USA
Online Fitness Coach

about the packages


The Premium package includes your 2 robot videos, a one page website and a chatbot. You can see an example here: Click here

We create it for you in less than a week.


During our 6-week online course we will create: 
your robot video
- your website with automated sales funnel
- your online course that you can sell
- your payment gateway
- your online business
- with personal one-on -one weekly coaching in skype or Zoom
- with my personal help and my team's contribution
- closed Facebook group for members
- you learn the main softwares that I use with my help

You can become our JV Partner for 5% commission and you can recruit your affiliates. We provide you full training how to run your robot business or your own online business. We teach you how to recruit affiliates who work for you and you get 5% of their income.